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The Problem

LYONSWOOD INVESTIGATIONS are the dominant private investigator agency in Australia. We were working with them to manage their paid search, however they outsourced their SEO offshore to reduce costs. When Google released the Penguin algorithm update, their website traffic dropped 39% and they noticed a significant decline in enquiries. The offshore ‘SEO experts’ were taking short cuts that worked in the past but now Google were penalising.

The Result

Within 4 months, we were able to recover the lost website traffic and increase the number of enquiries from 153 to 205, a 34% improvement.

34% enquiries increase
Our Strategy
Technique # 1
Disavow spammy, poor quality backlinks
Identify spammy backlinks
Compiled a list of spammy backlinks using the Google Webmaster tool and contacted those websites to disable the links.
Compile disavow list
Filtered the list of spammy backlinks to include only those that were not disabled.
Submit disavow list
Submitted to Google the disavow list that instructs them which links to ignore.


Technique # 2
Created a more user friendly website experience
Information Architecture
By creating information silos within the website, it was easier to find relevant information around key themes.
Rewrote website copy
We focused on writing new information that was easier to read and understand without cramming as many keywords into the copy.
Internal Linking
Introducing links within the website between pages helped build authority to key pages and make it easier for prospective customers to navigate
around the website.


Technique # 3
Initiated a content outreach

Targeted buyer personas
Collaborating with the client, we developed a model of the ideal customers they wanted to target. Understanding the characteristics of these customers helped the copywriters to produce relevant, persuasive content.

Meta Data

Produced high quality content
Our team produced a variety of articles, info graphics and videos to communicate information in an engaging way.


Identified linking opportunities
Using creative thinking and data analytics, we identified other websites, news and PR platforms where prospective customers might be researching the services our client offers.

Technique # 4
Conversion Optimisation
Install call tracking
Approximately 80% of enquiries to Lyonswood Investigations are by phone. By installing call tracking we could accurately measure enquires and determine what sources were driving conversions.
Activate goal tracking
By including goals in Google Analytics we had visibility around what was working and what we could improve.
Conversion Optimisation
Linking Google Analytics and Google Adwords allowed us to analyse conversion data and make changes with the paid search and the content production to achieve improved results.


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