Why your email marketing isn’t working

When you think of email marketing, the first thing you probably think of is newsletters. In the past, that’s all it was; but not anymore. Email marketing is the process of gathering subscribers who are interested in at least one aspect of what your business offers. The process of then feeding these subscribers information they want is email marketing. It is targeted to their individual needs; not just sending a one-size-fits-all newsletter.

Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels for any company. The size of your email list is a demonstration of your reach and thought leadership. When cultivated within a broader campaign that includes SEO, content marketing, good design and development, email marketing works to educate prospective customers about your business and what you offer. It can push your business growth to where you want it to go.


  • Meet the exact needs of your customers
  • Through email marketing, you can gather a growing list of subscribers to target your service offerings to
  • Target customers based on the information they look for on your website, or details they provide when joining your mailing list
  • Through avoiding the one-size-fits-all traditional email marketing approach, you’ll gain credibility as an expert in their field


  • Place users in a position to purchase
  • Email marketing is the most effective way to feed your business expertise direct to prospective customers
  • By sending useful and targeted information that plays on their pain-points, your readers will be enticed to click-through to read more
  • By intuitively pre-empting the buyer cycle and providing customers with useful information, email marketing will boost your online enquiries and sales


  • Target your services to customers who want them
  • Effective email campaigns start by categorising your prospective customers against your service offerings
  • Through in-depth buyer analysis, we’ll target your services to customers who need them
  • We’ll drip-feed useful, educational content to categorised subscribers; rather than spamming email lists with unwanted information

How email marketing captures your customer


Leading the customer in

Using SEO strategy, CRO strategy and content marketing, we help direct prospective customers to your website. Once they’re there, and have landed on the information they’re looking for, how do you turn them into a customer? With lead magnets. Lead magnets are when you provide useful, compelling information that your visitor wants; but in turn, they provide you with a small amount of information. You offer a short PDF on ‘How to achieve X’, for example, and before downloading, the prospective customer provides their email address. This gives you not only a channel through which to reach them, but also, tells you the area of your business they are interested in.

Nurturing their need for information

Through collecting information about prospective customers, we are building a database of clients for your business. This also provides you with information about the areas of your business they are interested in. Insight into the areas of your business that are in demand from target customers allows you to target your services and other marketing initiatives. This allows your business to grow by positioning you as an expert in your field.