Brookvale Spares provides Sydney with the widest range of used auto parts and reconditioned parts for cars, vans, utes and 4WDs.

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The Problem

Brookvale Spares are one of the largest Auto Dismantlers in Sydney but their web presence shoed they were not easily found and the website was not converting the visitors they did have into customers. They hired our team to improve the visibility of their website and increase the number of enquiries coming into the business.

The Result

By leveraging paid search to cater for the specific search terms and SEO to gain visibility for the higher search volume generic words we were able to significantly increase the traffic to the website. Once we had enough traffic coming through we ran A/B split testing and were able to generate 6 x the enquiries in just 4 months.

6x online enquiries
Our Strategy
Technique # 1
Leveraged Paid Advertising

Keyword Research
Built out keyword list with broad, modified broad, phrase match and exact match to capture all possible searches specific to the industry.

Meta Data

Negative Keyword Lists
Built negative keyword lists from both products and also for Geographic’s to avoid wasted clicks on search terms that are not relevant to the business.


Creative Ad Copy
Created highly targeted Ad Groups and text ads for all ad groups. Split tested the ad groups to optimize for the best possible Click Through Rates (CTR’s).

Technique # 2
SEO Foundations
By optimizing the site’s title tags, meta descriptions, headings tags and use of targeted keywords in website copy we were able to increase the search traffic to Brookvale Spares website.
Using webmaster tools we set up the XML Sitemap, robot’s. txt file to apply no-index tags and crawled the website for any supplicate content to eliminate.
By crawling the website we were able to identify any pages that generated a 404 and cleaned up the .HTAccess file so the search engines would no longer see any not found pages.


Technique # 3
A/B Split Testing
Set up Tracking
Set up all conversion tracking for phone calls and online submissions.
Built Variation Page
Built a second version of the web page after analyzing existing user flow through the website focusing on key call to actions and conversion points.
Round 2 & Data Analysis
Analysed data of conversions, looked at user flow through best converting page and re-built to further increase the conversion rates.

Technique # 4
Website Re-build
Based on data pulled from A/B split testing the website was redesigned with call to actions and conversion points implements throughout the website.
The new designs were taken and re-built in Wordpress ensuring all SEO foundations were implemented and the new website was fully responsive built for all devices.
Analysed traffic volumes and conversions rates once website went live to ensure traffic continued to climb and conversion rates remained the same.


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