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Bingo Group provides waste management solutions for all kinds of businesses.

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The Problem

Although Bingo Group are the largest skip bin & waste management company in Sydney, the company was concerned its website was not easily found for keywords that directly related to their services. They hired our team to improve the visibility of their website online.

The Result

By rebuilding the website, implementing a variety of SEO best practices, leveraging social media and refining the Paid Search campaign on the Bingo Group website, we were able to increase search engine traffic by 3,200 per month within 12 months. This represented an increase of 52%.

52% increase in traffic
Our Strategy
Technique # 1
Improved website design and
user experience
- We conducted keyword research to identify high traffic relevant keywords they should be visible for on Google.
- We created a new web design more consistent with their corporate image.
- We built a more logical information architecture for the website, making it easier for users to navigate.
- We developed a fully responsive website with an SEO friendly framework, making it more visible in search engines.


Technique # 2
We implemented an SEO campaign following best practices


By optimising the title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags and content on the website to include targeted keywords, we were able to increase the search traffic to the Bingo Group website.

Ensuring Proper Indexing

Through the use of sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and identifying instances of duplicate content, we were able to ensure the proper indexation of their site.

Introduce a Content Strategy

We produced new customer focused content on each page of the website and linked this new content internally. We then developed a content strategy using a blog to help attract more search traffic to the website.


Technique # 3
Restructured Paid Search campaign

Campaign Structure

We collaborated with Bingo Group to create multiple campaigns that were more consistent with their service offering. This helped to drive more targeted users to their site.

Keyword Management

By choosing more appropriate keyword matching options and filtering irrelevant searches by constantly adding negative keywords, we were able to increase the number of targeted users visiting the site.

Conversion Tracking

We enabled conversion tracking through Google Analytics, which provides us with more accurate data about what users are making enquiries so that we can spend more of the budget where most of the enquiries are coming from.


Technique # 4
Increased Social Media Engagement

We introduced social sharing links

Including social sharing icons on the Bingo Group website allowed more users to share and engage with their brand on social sites.

Meta Data

We targeted an interested audience

Using Facebook insights, we were able to engage only those users who expressed an interest in rubbish recycling; this helped keep social engagement high.


We created engaging content

Collaborating with the Bingo Group, we identified the type of content users would find interesting and presented it in engaging ways, with infographics, blog posts, and articles.

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