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ACE Forklift Training and Assessment pride themselves on their dynamic and interactive training programs.

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The Problem

Ace Forklift Training is in a incredibly competitive industry online and have always had competitors driving a pricing war. They hired Konnect Digital to help them increase their organic search traffic as paid search was becoming too expensive for the return. They needed significantly more visibility in the search engines and a much higher conversion rate on visitors to actual enquiries.

The Result

By re-building the website and implementing a number of SEO best practices on the new website, Konnect Digital were able to increase organic search traffic by 815% in just 6 months whilst using split testing to boost online enquiries.

increase in organic traffic
online enquiries
Our Strategy
Technique # 1
Rebuild website

Started with keyword research to identify to the top search terms in the industry.

Reverse engineered the keyword research to create a new site architecture.

Developed a fully responsive website with a SEO friendly framework.


Technique # 2
Content Strategy
Buyer Personas
Built buyer personas for ideal clients for all different course offerings.
Identified clients unique selling points in the market place that make them stand out from the competition.
Wrote content for over 40 new pages on website geared towards an improved user experience.

Technique # 3
SEO Best Practices

Identified all 404 errors and re-wrote to eliminate any crawl errors on website and created XML Sitemap.

Re-wrote all meta data for every page to provide informative and compelling calls to action to drive improved click through rates.

Re-worked entire website internal linking structure to ensure link flow from lower pages all pushed to main power pages.


Technique # 4
Implemented A / B Testing

Built variation of web page with 3 key calls to action and two main conversion points.


Installed heat mapping to identify the user journey on both variations of the page.


Took the top performing aspects of both variations and implemented a new design of key pages on website for increased conversions.


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