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December 15, 2013 by Warren Carr

Today is social media and marketing news...

Facebook continues to know more about you than anyone else ever has, comedy site College Humor know just how far Google will go to make people finally accept Google + and Pirate Bay has had to close domain for the sixth time this year.

Facebook Saves Everything You Type

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You’ve bashed out a rather vocal voicing of your political sentiments, perhaps you’ve called out a Marilyn-Monroe-quote-posting old high school chum, you may have even eagerly uploaded another photo of your cat, breakfast, baby and then decided…. no, you will not post.

While your friends, family and alumni aren’t going to catch sight of the post-that-never-was, Facebook’s code is keeping the data stored in it’s handy information arsenal for ever.

Facebook calls this behaviour “self-censorship” and new insights from this vast collection of unposted material can be found in a new paper by Facebook engineer intern, Suvik Das and facebook data scientists, Adam Kramer.

Digital Life points out that there is mention of the collection on non-posted material in Facebook’s Data Use Policy, under a section called “Information we receive and how it is used”.

Google are Blackmailing You

Google will stop at nothing to get you to join their social media platform, Google +. NOTHING!

 Pirate Bay Forced to Close Domain Name for 6th Time This Year

Social Media and Marketing News

Peer-to-peer network Pirate Bay have had to change their domain name for the sixth time this year after being closed down by the authorities in various countries. The file-sharing service provides links to illegally copied and shared films, music and games making it the subject of multiple lawsuits for copyright infringement.

The Guardian reports that the Pirate Bay team is developing a browser that will enable users to store and share files without any central hosting, making the domain name irrelevant.