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January 15, 2014 by Warren Carr

We've been trialling out serving up the latest in social media and marketing news for a few weeks now. The reception has been incredible! We're getting loads of new traffic to our blog and are getting more and more shares on social media. We figure it's now time to diversify, so you'll still be getting your social media and marketing fix every Wednesday, along with a growing range of articles related to social media, tech,Internet and digital marketing news, including our Digital News Download every Tuesday. With all that we have install we hope to see you around more often.

Now that the formalities are out of the way let's get on with the show!


Devil Baby Goes Around Giving New Yorkers Heart Attacks

A hilarious (and revolting) "Devil Baby" went for a roll in his stroller to scare the s*** our of New Yorkers. The spawn of satan is actually an animatronic remote-controlled device, looking eerily realistic, born to promote the upcoming horror film Devil's Due. 

Projectile vomiting, flipping of the poe poe and screaming the place down this kid does it all; but non of it was as unsettling for this viewer as the Alien-esq footage from the upcoming film (shown at the end of the YouTube video) of a foetus bulging aggressively from it's mother's stomach.


Google are Aggregating More of Your Data to Contribute to the Search Results of their Advertisers

Have you ever recommended a product, company or brand publicly whilst signed into your Gmail account? Well Google have been quietly collecting all of those likes, rating and comments and linking them to your Google + profile.

This means that when advertisers appear in Google's search engine results their link will also feature the faces and names of Google + users alongside their star ratings, recommendations and reviews.

Under "Shared Endorsements" even if you're not a regular Google + user but are signed into your Gmail account when you go about your business commenting on the products your like, love and loathe, every tag, like and comment is being preserved to be implemented within the scheme later.

Google shows us how the new search settings will appear in the image below:

Digital Marketing

If you don't feel like loaning your mug to businesses, brands, corporations and Google alike, you can choose to opt out of the scheme by clicking here: Shared Endorsements


If Google Was a Real Person Would You Still Ask Them About Whether or Not 'Midgets Have Night Vision' 

This College Humor video is making the rounds on social media.

Thank god for the relative anonymity of our search engine enquiries.