Digital News Download: Google Forks Out Billions to the Guy Who Designed the iPod

January 14, 2014 by Warren Carr

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Business Insider reports that Tony Fadell, the guy who designed the iPod for Apple back in 2001, now works for Google.

Tech sites are buzzing with the news that Google just acquired Fadell's company, Nest Labs, for a whopping $US3.2 billion.

Nest Labs have 'reinvented the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm' according to their website copy; along with that other everyday household item, the thermostat. The infamous tech-head's tweak of these common-place devices coincides with Google's dive further into the depths of consumer electronics.

Twitter is filled with varying responses since the announcement this morning. Some are skeptical about Big Brother's ever growing hand while jokes about having to have a Google + profile to use the new tech are rampant (and, considering Google's history, not all together unfounded).

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